Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Commercial Supermarket Rakia

Homemade Bulgarian Rakia to one side for a moment.... let's look at some commercial Rakia products.

Surveying the shops in the Yambol region Bulgaria, which is local to many big producers, the range of Rakia for sale is incredible. There must be over 100 different Rakia products in the few supermarkets I visit, many of them only sell the popular and local brands. If I was to visit other regions of Bulgaria and visit their shops for other Rakia brands, this different varieties of Rakia seen would take another giant leap in numbers.

What is even more fascinating is that the Rakia products probably have the most unusual and decorative bottles of all the spirits that are for sale. Each producer of Rakia other than the label has a unique design of bottle. Not only that, some change the design of the bottle every so often so effectively you get a limited edition of bottle never to be seen again in many cases.

Much as I hate shopping, there is much time spent surveying the bottles of Rakia in shops and on occasion a few pictures are taken of the these fancy and decorative bottles. One supermarket once took offence and kicked me out of the shop for doing so, but not before a few good pictures of the range of bottle designed for Rakia.

Getting information and background to different makes of Rakia is difficult. There isn't that much information about on the Internet and certainly limited information such as the name, alcohol percentage, producer and maybe a little on the age printed on the label of the bottles.

My quest now is to try and gather more information about lesser known brands of Rakia and some help would be a useful from visitors to this site. Any offers?

In the meantime I will be publishing a few of my finds in picture form with a little information taken from the label. If anyone know of additional facts about the brands published please let me know.

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