Thursday, 11 December 2008

Suhindolska Rakia

Suhindolska Rakia
This is the first post of a series that show commerical brand Rakias in their own unique style of bottle foudn in supermarkets and shops in Bulgaria.

A weird bottle shape indeed. This Suhidoska Rakia certainly has a bottle of novelty and of course this alone is a good selling feature.

I have seen it being served in the "Banski Aiduti" tavern based in Bansko
The menu shows this

"Suhindolska special – 50 ml – 6.00 BGN"

Pretty expensive and for only 50 ml as well, but it is a restaurant based in a skiing resort.

There was also mention in a forum, naely about the shape of the bottle. Quoted as follows:
besarabe, Nikica ... this is my special bottle from "Suhindolska otlezala grozdova " ...

when you look at the bottle from one angle it looks just straight ... after you drink 2-3 glasses and spin the bottle at let's say 90 degrees it appears to be the way it looks above


From Anonymous
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