Monday, 8 December 2008

Results of the Recent Poll - Which Country makes the Best Rakia?

The results of the recent survey have now been assessed. The question that was put was:

Which country makes the best Rakia/Raki/Grappa etc.?

The countries that were placed for voting were:

  • Croatia - 2 votes
  • Greece - No votes
  • Turkey - 1 vote
  • Bulgaria - 14 votes
  • Peru/Chile - No votes
  • Italy - 2 votes
  • Macedonia - No vote
  • Hungary - No vote
  • Others - 6 votes
  • Total Votes Cast 25

There was no shock result here as Bulgaria took top place with 14 votes, over half. There were no votes made for Hungary, Macedonia, Peru/Chile or Greece. As Greece and Macedonia are both direct neighbours to Bulgaria the zero vote surprised me.

Italy and Croatia both took two votes each and 'Others' gained 6 votes.

Seeing as this was a Bulgarian based site did give a bias on voting as most guests viewing this have an interest in Bulgaria and its national spirit. We do however get many American and Canadian visitors, who probably voted for most if not all the ’other’ option.

Does this make Bulgaria the country that makes the best RakiaRaki/Grappa etc.? To those in Bulgaria probably the answer is yes. To others outside Bulgaria and in other Rakia/Raki/Grappa etc. or equivalent countries, no.

A big thanks to all who voted
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