Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The Third In A Trilogy Of Bulgarian Rakia Descriptions

A trilogy of rakis descriptions and this it the last and probably the most accurate. I hope all necomers over the last three posts are now more versed on what rakia actually is.

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Rakia is a hard drink of Bulgaria. The ingredients required for Rakia are fermented fruits like plum, grapes, apple, fig, pear, quince and apricot.

Rakia has no color but when herbs or other additives are mixed with it then it becomes colorful. Milk salad, pickled vegetables, etc. are served with the popular drink Rakia of Bulgaria. Usually the capacity of alcohol used in Rakia is 40 % but the percentage of alcohol content goes up to 50 to 60% when they are made at home.

Rakia is made in a metal pot. The fermented fruits are distilled for making Rakia in Bulgaria. The pot is heated in a low flame. After heating you should throw away the thing that comes first as it becomes toxic. The ingredients used for making Bulgaria's Rakia should not be either too sweet or too sour or too bitter.

Among Bulgarian food Rakia holds a very special position.

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