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Hot Rakia Toddy - The Best Winter Drink In The World

Hot Rakia Toddy - The Best Winter Drink In The World

Drinking hot rakia is the traditional way of serving rakia during the pig slaughtering season in mid winter. My first taste was in my first year here actually during my first pig slaughtering experience as well. It sends a warmth within that can’t be touched by any other concoction in my opinion and is the only drink that could hit the mark with the extreme cold weather conditions that invariably encompasses the pig killing day. In a nutshell it is the best winter drink in the world.

The recipe is simple but has to be done in a precise way to get the distinct flavours of rakia and caramel to blend into something so memorable you will never forget your first taste.

I have given the recipe here actually given to me by three independent sources each one in this case was exactly identical in describing the process.



300 ml Rakia
25gm White Granulated Sugar

Put the sugar in a saucepan and heat up until it turns a yellow/light brown colour, this is now the caramel set up. Then whilst still on the heat, stir in the rakia little by little. Continue heating until piping how but not boiling (do not boil!) Serve straight away in mugs to the pig slaughterers or of course on any other occasion that calls for you whole body to be warmed up and glow.

This is a perfect way to welcome guests who have travelled to see you on a cold night and of course will more than break the ice not only in a conversation point. You might want to serve it in something more up market than mugs though!

Image by Boby Dimitrov via Flickr
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