Wednesday, 2 December 2009

A Basic Description of Rakia

There are hundred of blog and websites that describe rakia. Every so often I get a few that do exactly this. There are a great variety of descriptions, which give a rundown on what rakia actual is and more. I have one selected today that I found. This is a very basic description giving a laymans account. For those new to rakia and visting this site for the first time it will give you a clear picture on what rakia actually is. (I disagree that factory rakia is the main source fo drinking in Bulgaria.)

A Basic Description of RakiaBulgarian Rakia

This is a traditional Bulgarian strong alcoholic drink. Although there are different types of it the most common one is grapes rakia.

Rakia is the traditional Bulgarian strong alcoholic drink. Originally it was home- made but nowadays it is produced in factories. There are different types of rakia depending on fruits used: plum rakia, apricot rakia, grapes rakia, cherry rakia and others. Rakia is consumed with different appetizers: cheese, lukanka, salads.

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