Friday, 4 December 2009

Bulgarian Rakia - Another More Detailed Description

Another description on rakia for those who are unversed with it. this one is a bit more detailed than the previous post and comes form personal experience.

Rakia - Another More Detailed Description
Rakia is an alcoholic drink that is found in the Balkans and is also classed as a national drink in Bulgaria. Rakia is made by distilling fermented fruits, Rakia can be made from many fruits like plums, grapes, apricots, pears and figs, I have only tried grape and fig rakia myself as they are the two my father in law makes. Rakia can be bought from the shops and is generally about 40% alcohol in volume but alot of the home made Rakia is alot stronger with about 60% alcohol.

Bulgarians tend to drink Rakia with traditional Bulgarian salads, normally you would drink your Rakia with your salad and then with your main course you would choose another tipple. While you are having your different meals you will often find small dishes of different appetizers on the table to pick at, these are called Meze and are there to compliment you Rakia.

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