Tuesday, 29 December 2009

No Hangover After Rakia Wine And Beer Mix - Act Of God?

Wine can be made from items other than grapes.

I read this with amusement as my expectation was that a massive hangover was due not only form the rakia that was drunk but the mixing with wine and beer. Either this guy is a hardened drinker or it really was an act of God! Whatever you think it is another experience of rakia drinking that add to the mystery of the spirit that works in so many way. By the way Alex Waber’s blog blog is well worth visiting for other very entertaining articles!

The hangover of God

We went on a one day road trip to a town called Novi Sad where the people are refered to as Lala's because of the way they speak. It was a ncie town, very pretty, very sleepy, but thats not the point of the story. To sum up Novi Sad I can say we walked in a circle and ate.

The point of the story is about an hour earlier on the road when we saw a stand on the side of the road and pulled off the road and got out of the car and walked over to the stand and ended up with two bottle of home brew Rakia (Moonshine to the enth degree. A much shinnier moon than other Rakias as well.) One was just good ol' normal Apricot but the other... Ooooh the other... A beautiful gold liquid with a mooden cross floating inside. Supposedly the drink was blessed at the local church. A holy Moon Shine with a cherry flavour. Delicious. Needless to say that night when we got home it was soon popped open to accompany our game of cards. The toxic shining moon like flavour instilled the fear of god in our minds as we realized that the following day we may have a holy hang over the likes of which we can hardly comprehend. After the game of cards we continued the frivolities back in THE CAVE of wine where it seemed to be "lets break glass day" as one group of drunkards broke every bottle they finished. Glass everywhere. Our jackets were on the floor. T'was ridiculous.

After that we went to Grad for a sweet german DJ who is up for best DJ I've seen since Justice. Not bad, eh? And that was two years ago! Lots of dancing, ending with two sandwhiches because I was hungry.
And then bed.

The whole night was full of Rakia and Wine and Beer.

No hang over. Magical. Act of God

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