Thursday, 17 December 2009

Rakia Making Equipment - Helps Improve Your Rakia

Making rakia is as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. Right from the points of picking the fruit that will end up as rakia it involves many step along the way to achieve a good spirit. It is a long learning curve that never ends.

Glass (2 of 2)

Now in my fifth year of making rakia I am more equipment than I was in the first year as my collection of rakia making equipment such as barrels, chicken wire sieves, drill attachment mixer, various measuring bottles, pans and jars along with all the other bits and pieces that aren’t essential but help improve the end result. It is after all a science and measuring is an important part if success is to be made.

Most of the stuff that I have accumulated was bought form local markets, such as the plastic barrels, alcohol measurer and various kitchen reciprocals for storing and measuring. Some things I just can’t buy, such as the chicken wire sieve that is home made form wood and of course chicken wire.

There were a couple of items that I bought online in the UK when I was there last year I wanted quality rakia glasses to serve up our rakia to guests and just bumped into the site accidently. There are normallyquite hard to find online but we found a site that deals especially in wines and spirit drinking glasses and at a good price. Somehow it always tastes much better is served in purposely made for rakia and of course looks the part.

Looks like rakia gets more complicated as time goes on, but that's only because more tricks of the trade are taken on board and taken up when making it.
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