Sunday, 27 December 2009

Rakia Making In Bulgarian Growing Fast

I found this news report on the subject of rakia drinking in Bulgaria with no surprise that Bulagria is in the top bracket of drinkers with the produce grown here ideal to making home made alcoholic drinks like wine and rakia. Because it is so cheap to produce it will of course always be taken advantage of in Bulgaria, but respected at the same time. Little and often is the case here as I have found out.

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Bulgaria, by tradition, occupies the places around the top of world’s-heaviest-drinker-nations charts. According to Forbes magazine, each year Bulgarians consume 60 million litres of alcohol. Recent media reports show that the prices of homemade stills for rakia (Bulgaria’s traditional hard drink) are increasing rapidly with the approach of the autumn season, in defiance of the global crisis and Bulgaria’s ambitious 2009-2013 National Program for Alcohol Abuse Prevention the last cabinet was promoting in the last year of its term.

Most of the 500,000 Bulgarians, who are officially having problems with drinking, are middle aged, in their teens or even children.
Data from a poll conducted among students of the town of Dobrich, showed that every 7th pupil between the age of 14 and 17 get drunk more than ten times a year. Further, an EU-wide research in early 2009 revealed that half of Bulgaria’s 15-16-year-old schoolchildren choose excessive alcohol consumption, which quite often adopts a competitive character, at least once every month. “Competitive” is also the number of drunk-driving accidents. The World Health Organization has reported that 5% of all road accident deaths across the globe are owing to alcohol abuse. Be it with a jest or seriously, Bulgarians like to say of themselves that they drink like they’re getting paid for it. Here is a typically Bulgarian drinking joke: “A beer festival takes place in Germany… And the person to have the most beer was a Pernik citizen watching the TV broadcast of the festival.”
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