Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Rakia Wooden Drinking Vessels For Sale On Ebay

I caught site of a auction sale on eBay where four wooden drinking cups are up for sale. The buy now price is a staggering $49.99! I suppose it is an antique as they were made in the first half od the 10th century. They look well used and many Nastraves knocked out of them over the years. I see these types of drinking vessels in Bulgarian homes, it is a common way to serve the rakia. You can stiull buy these wooden type vessels in shops in Bulgaria but at a fraction of the price but new of course.

Here's the ad:

I am offering for sale this beautiful handcrafted set of 4 antique traditional Bulgarian wood cups for grape brandy and wall stand. All parts are very well preserved with some age traces and the measures of the cups are 45mm height x 40mm diameter, 30cm / 12 inches length of the stand. For additional details please look at the photos.
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